Controls the cleanliness and order of the floor and floor that the patients expect in the morning
It organizes the cleaning, layout and daily work program of their own polyclinics.

It arranges the follow-up and exits of the patients with the appointment and the files of the patients. The patient follows his personal documents. The doctor directs the examination and treatments required.
It follows the patient’s entry and exit procedures.
Follow the polyclinic book.
Follow the drop follow-up and examinations of patients who start their examination.
Organize communication in and out of the polyclinic
Provides patient satisfaction.
He/she acts as a bridge inpatient, doctor and all hospital relations.
It ensures the follow-up of the tasks given to the personnel and the completion of the works.

It buffered any kind of urgent work.
Controls the order and layout of working environments at the end of work.
It is warm and loving in human relations.
It enters the screen inspection information on a regular basis for patients who are finished.
Prepares the patients’ prescriptions and reports to the patient.
He/she checks the drugs that should be in the examination room, and if requested, he makes a request from the warehouse.