In business, we are all aware of the necessity of English. Speaking English and speaking fluently was a benchmark in almost all business areas. In this case, writing CVs in English is an integral part of the recruitment process.

If you have a good level of English, you should prepare your resume in English. In order to stand out among the applications, to show your knowledge of English and to be prepared in advance for companies requesting the transmission of CVs in English, it is useful to prepare an English CV. It is also true that CVs written in English have a positive impact on applications made to many overseas affiliated companies.

There is no doubt that care must be taken when preparing CVs. However, if the CV is prepared in English, it needs to be more careful and meticulous. Because the CV in English carries serious risks such as the lack of grammar, the information contained in the CV being inaccurate and unclear, giving inadvertently incorrect information, and not being able to articulate the achievements desired to be brought to the fore.

Before editing your CV in English, you can review the CVs prepared by professionals whose native language is English and see the CVs prepared in different formats as much as possible. In fact, if you look at the CVs of professionals working in the same field as you, you can also use some English phrases in your CV. Name, surname, street, street, province, district, city, company name, brand, such as special Turkish names in your CV instead of Turkish characters in English characters to write the English language is professional in terms of showing your ability and language is important.