Marketing Resume




Marketing resume is one of the resumes that requires quite a lot creativity in order to let them consider professional or high quality. There are somethings that you should not do while preparing your resume in order to let it be good, for instance  you should not underline every single word on your resume but only the words or sentences that you would like to emphasis on them and let them attract the attention of the reader of the resume. Another important issue is you should prepare your resume on a computer even you do not know how to use a computer.




You should show the company that you follow the technology and know how to use a computer. In the event that you do not know already then it would be better for you to start learning. You should not make your resume colorful in order to show your creativity. You have to reflect your style by only using black. You can prefer another second color however it will be better for you to use a single color just like all other regular resumes. In the event that you will adopt these, you will be able to create a good marketing resume.




Nurse Resume


Nurses are employees who have very important tasks for the survival of the patients. They provide all the enough information to the doctors before doctors come by getting all the enough information from the patients. The nurse resume samples are not different than most of the other resume types however the hospitals or other health organization would like to see the details from you that is why you have to write down your resume in details and try to provide as much as information about yourself and your career as well as your education.




You should not fold your resume while you are holding the original document, your resume should be placed in a good quality envelope which is suitable for the purpose of your resume and never ever request to fax your resume unless the company asks you to do so. The resume you will prepare by giving importance will just look like a regular resume in the event that you will fax it to the company. You should not let your efforts to be wasted like this. You can still have one more chance which is working with a shipping company to let your resume be delivered to the company.