A successful job interview is now the result of good ideas and self-expression. Sometimes you may not be able to express what you want to say clearly. To convince the recruitment specialist, you need to express yourself orally in the best way. You need to practice for a job interview. You can practice interview questions and answers to make a great impression in a job interview.

Remember, you should not repeat what is described here orally in order. Instead, grasp the main idea and use new ideas skillfully by adding your own words. As a result, the conversation continues naturally. Here are some words you should say in a job interview…


At the beginning of the interview, your goal is to leave a strong first impression on the recruitment specialist. Bring your kind, professional and human side to the forefront. Never leave the courtesy in hand.

1. Start the interview with a polite greeting

Um Very nice to meet
you How are you? ”

2. Thank the recruitment specialist for calling you to the interview.

Im Thank you very much for taking the time to invite me to the interview. ”

3. If there is someone in the company that recommends the job, talk about it.

“…. Mr. / Mrs. told me that such a position would be made, I was very excited and made my application immediately. ”

4. Thank you for your consideration

Im Thank you very much for inviting me to meet me for such a position. I am grateful to you about this. ”

5. Express your job position and research about the company.

Im I’ve done a lot of research on your company, and I’m excited to learn more from you about your company and job position. ”

6. Indicate that you are suitable for the job

“I reviewed the information related to the job position, found that it was very suitable for my experience, qualifications and competencies, and immediately applied for it. Of course, I look forward to talking to you more about this konu


While the interview is in progress, all you need to do is focus on the questions to be asked and express yourself in the best way. You need to show how suitable you are for the job.

1. Do not just say that you are eligible for the position you are applying for. Explain the reasons with

“Tell me about your achievements, your experience, and how you can contribute to your job position if you have special talents.
I’m suitable for this job because;. (Before you go to the job interview, review the job posting and prepare your relationship with your resume.)”

2. Explain how you can add value (especially how you add value to your job position and what you can offer to increase the profitability of the company)

… I did this in the company I worked before… and I would like to add value to your company bu

3. Indicate that you are predisposed to team player and teamwork

Im I believe in the necessity of teamwork and I see working with others as one of my strengths. ”

4. Explain that you want to work in a long-term company

“This job position fits my long-term goals, I would like to improve my career with you and work with you for many years.”

5. Indicate that you are willing to learn and develop yourself both personally and professionally

Orum I’ve always been trying to improve my skills, and lately .

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At the end of the interview, show how much you are interested in the company and the job position by asking questions. You should close the conversation carefully and tell the other person how social you are.

1. Indicate that you enjoyed the meeting very much: endim I have learned more about this job position and I really liked it. ”

2. Thank you for taking the time to the recruitment specialist: “I thank you very much for taking the time for this job position today.”

3. Remind me that you are suitable for the job position you are applying for: gibi As I mentioned, after I learn more about your operations, I believe that my qualifications make me the perfect choice for this role. 3.

4. Keep the lines of communication open: im If you have any further questions about my experience and experience, or if you want to contact me later, I will always say that I am available. ”

5. Show your enthusiasm if given the opportunity: ım I am excited to be in your organization and working with you. ”